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2022-2023 Racing Summary

Our Monday night race series was a big success. We held all 8 weeks of racing.

We had our awards party at Mount Southington on Monday March 6th the first time in a while to have a party. Awards were handed out for the 50th year Monday night series.

Ron Kapraszewski, his brother Bruce and Steve Jackson were the founders of the Monday night series 50 years ago. Ron is still actively racing, but both Bruce and Steve have passed.  I made and presented a ski chair to Ron, in honor of his brother Bruce, with Bruce’s skis a part of that chair. Carol Sweeney was also honored as one of the initial race recorders for results in the early seasons. Carol was presented a picture from the artist from Tully NY, Grant Doldge.  Grant continues to not be the best businessman by still not putting his name and address on the back of the first place pictures, but he is a very talented artist- with his signed and numbered ski prints.  Also handed out were white engraved ceramic cups for second and a white engraved ceramic mugs for 3rd.  The Monday Night series was the only race awards that were handed out as this was the only series we were able to hold this season.

For the 3rd Monday season, we handed out permanent bibs and it was again a success=however I am still missing 22 bibs.  I had ordered all the missing replacement bibs for any bibs that were missing last year. As last year, I will charge the ski club $30 for bibs not turned in prior to the last CSC meeting. Thanks to all team captains for following this up- I sent out a list of names and the bibs to the team captains.

I have asked for racer feedback about Monday night.


2019-2020 averaged 126 racers,
2020-2021 averaged 106 racers,
2021-2022 averaged 97 racers
2022-2023 averaged 117 racers.
We had an 18% increase of skiers from last year.

Thanks to all the work Ron Kapraszewski and Lynn Swanson did on handing out swag- and prizes, selected by bib numbers- I believe that was a factor in increasing our race numbers. If you have suggestions on how to increase our participation – please email me or write to me and let me know.


Thank you all racers for making this season a Healthy & safe success!


Rob Dexter
146 Selden Hill Drive
West Hartford, CT 06107
(cell) 860 836-9304
 (_)/ (_)

Monday Night Racing Schedule 2023-2024

CSC race series at Mount Southington, CT  [8 weeks]

December 18

January 8, 15, 22, 29

February 5, 12, 19

Only one makeup date February 26, due to the holiday schedule.

Monday Info needed for racing:

Skier or boarder, Name (first & last), address, birthdate, male or female, ski club, email address, tel #, NASTAR #, (if you do not have a NASTAR #, one will be assigned to you on your first race)  = All of this info must be entered into the CSC racing database and you be assigned a CSC perm #= this will be unique to you and will follow all of your racing history.  In order to race, you must be a paid member of one of the CT Ski Council member clubs. Once you have a perm #, updates of current/or changed information should be forwarded to    Also initial requests for perm # should be directed to this email.

In order to race on a Monday night, the CSC will use a new Mou8nt Southington web site for payment for racing and ski ticket. Payment for Monday and Tuesday night racing will go through the Mount Southington online sales system, not AdminSports.


This should be done between Friday and noon on the Monday of the race. You must register on line prior to the race- NO EXCEPTION- there will be no walk ins the day of the race.  Registration on Mount Southington site should happen in advance of any race and both the NASTAR # and Perm # are required for initial registration.


Bibs will be handed out at your first race, and you will keep them for the season. They must be turned in at the end of the season (or your last race). Run order is determined by a lottery number for each course. That number runs first, and others follow in order, and it loops around. There can be 2 runs, the best run counts.  Men 65 & over, women, and snowboarders run on the skiers right course, Men 64 & under on the skiers left course. There is a 3rd course (skiers far right) that is a training NASTAR course- for an extra fee (sign up for NASTAR) on the web page.


If you have questions please also direct them to

mount southington logo
Race Ticket (includes 2 NASTAR runs on age course) $40
Race Ticket w/ NASTAR (this NASTAR is unlimited runs on skiers’ right course) $55
Race Ticket w/ Season Pass (includes 2 NASTAR runs on age course) $30
Race Ticket w/ Season Pass AND NASTAR (this NASTAR is unlimited runs on skiers’ right course) $45
NASTAR Only (with either a night ticket or a season pass-no CSC or CISC racing) $15


NOTE: There is a one time $5 charge for a reloadable RFID card.  The RFID card will be scanned before getting on the lift, each time; therefore, every racer must have their card on them when entering the lift line.  No racer will be allowed on the lift without a valid RFID card.

Pizza Availability

When called in by noon on Monday of the race night, highly rated (by Rob), pizza is available on Monday nights from the Pizza on Demand truck.  Call 860-992-8382 (Jeff) or email

Priced at  $15.00 for a large and $1.00  extra for toppings.

Food prices have not yet been determined.



Race History Document


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 Results 2021-2022

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