NASTAR – Results (CSC members)

The results on this page are for skiers and snowboarders who participated in the NASTAR Eastern Regional Championships held at Okemo Mountain on January 28 and 29, 2017.  For a full list of NASTAR results visit the NASTAR web site.

“The council was very well represented and enjoyed good results.  The table shows how the CSC members placed in their respective divisions.” – Pat Moore, Mt Laurel

Okemo Nastar Winners (2017) – Newspaper story

Club Name Name Ski Board
Mt. Laurel
Marti Brueckner 1
Rob Dexter 1
Bruce Laroche 1
Richard Meinzer 1
Pat Moore 2 1
John Shea 2
Bob Zawaxki 2
New Haven
Tom Chalker 1
Ken Martin 1
Chris Gulla 1
Rolf Meyer 2
Bill Nealon 2
Val Saltzman 3
Ralph Wescott 3

Additionally, in the Race of Champions

Marti Brueckner had the fastest women’s raw time & Bruce Laroche earned 2nd place – adjusted time.