CT State Racing & Results

2020 state Races

R_StateReport17 (Individual Points Overall – No Age Breakdown)

R_StateReport18 (Individual Points by Age Class)

Downhill, Snowboard & Cross Country (2/28-3/1, 2020) 

Downhill, Snowboard & Cross Country State Races were held during On-Snow  at Waterville Valley, NH

R_StateDHReport10-Mod (Down Hill Race by Team)

R_StateDHReport8 (Finish Male/Female)

R_StateDHReport9 (Finish by Age Group)

R_StateSBReport13-Mod (Snowboard Race by Team)

R_StateSBReport11 (Snowboard Finish Male/Female)

R_StateSBReport12 (Snowboard Finish by Age Group)

R_StateXCReport16-Mod (Cross Country Results by Team)

R_StateXCReport14 (Cross Country Finish Male/Female)

R_StateXCReport15 (Cross Country Finish by Age Group)

Slalom (2/12/2020)

R_StateSLReport3 (Finish by Age Group)

R_StateSLReport3A (Finish by Age Group) dated: 2/13/2020

R_StateSLReport4 (Finish Male/Female)

Giant Slalom (1/22/2020)

R_StateGSReport6A  (Finish by Age) Rpt-Updated 2/27/2020

R_StateGSReport7 (Finish Male / Female)

R_StateGSReport7A (Finish Male / Female) – dated: 3/2/2020

2019 State Races

2018 State Races: the Giant Slalom will be at Mount Southington on Wednesday January 17, 2018 – start 7:00 pm, rain date 1/24; Slalom at Mount Southington on Wednesday February 14, 2018 (Rain Date 2/14)  – start 7:00 pm,  State Downhill Friday March 2, 2018 at Okemo, VT; State Snowboard Saturday March 3, 2018 at Okemo, and the State Cross-Country is near Okemo on Sunday March 4, 2018. All CSC members and CT residents are welcome to participate.

Rob Dexter, CSC Racing Chairperson.

Racing Rule Change – State Races Held at On-Snow
TeamCaptainMtg2-5-18 CT Ski Council
Team Captains meeting was held at Mount Southington on Monday 2/5/2018.
Clubs present: Danbury, Newington, New Haven, Norwalk, Mt Laurel, A/E, Sterling, Hamden, Winterset, Snow Flakes.
Current On-Snow Rule:  Current rule is a racer must race for the same club on the On-Snow Carnival that they race for on Monday Nights.
Rule Change for On-Snow:  Some clubs do not have enough members to field a complete team.
Rule Change Proposal:  to allow people from smaller clubs to race for other Clubs in any event except for the Team Race or the Women’s race.  This should allow for people that want to participate in the On-Snow Carnival to do so as part of a club.
Rule change passed unanimously.
Waivers must be submitted through the appropriate clubs. [the club the racer is skiing with]
Hopefully this will allow for more On-Snow participation.
Rob Dexter
CSC Racing Chair
Rob Dexter
(cell) 860 836-9304
(_)/ (_)


State Race Schedule 2019

State Race Results 2019

Individual Points by Age 2019 Rpt 18

Individual Points Overall Rpt 17

Giant Slalom-Finish by Male / Female

Giant Slalom-Finish by Age Group

State Slalom – Finish by Age Group

State Slalom – Finish by Male/Female

Down Hill, Snowboard, and Cross Country (Links to On-Snow Results Page)

Historical Info (Prior Years)

2018 State Races – ( Results)
Cross Country

Cross Country – Finish Order Report at Okemo 4Mar2018

Cross Country – Finish by Age Group at Okemo 4Mar2018

Cross Country – Finish by Male / Female at Okemo 4Mar2018


Snowboard Finish Order Report at Okemo 3Mar2018

Snowboard Finish by Age Group at Okemo 3Mar2018

Snowboard Finish by Male/Female at Okemo 3Mar2018


State Downhill Finish Order Report (held as SuperG) at Okemo 1Mar2018

State Downhill Finish by Age Group (held as SuperG) at Okemo 1Mar2018

State Downhill Finish by Male/Female (held as SuperG) at Okemo 1Mar2018


State Slalom – Finish by Age Group – 14Feb2018 – Mt. Southington

State Slalom – Finish by Male/Female – 14Feb2018 – Mt. Southington

Giant Slalom

State GS – Finish by Age Group – 17Feb2018 – Mt Southington

State GS  – Finish by Male/Female – 17Feb2018 – Mt Southington

 2017 Results

Individual Points Overall – 2017

CT Slalom – Finish by Age Group (2017)

CT Slalom – Finish by Male/Female (2017)

The 2017 Giant Slalom (Downhill), Super G,  Snowboard and Cross-Country race results are posted on the On-Snow Race Results Page even though they weren’t all held at On-Snow.