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Awareness Day Info for 2020 – 2021 Season

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Awareness Days that would typically fill one’s skiing calendar have been suspended for this Covid-19 skiing season (2020-2021). In its place, John Filakowski has been able to obtain certain discounts from area mountains and those discounts can be found on the Club Days Page. While the deals are not for everyday of the season, it was decided that posting them on this page would be easies and best for our Club’s members to find them.

You will be required to show your current season’s CSC Club membership card with a valid sticker to obtain these discounts.
–>As of this posting (October 25, 2022), the Ct Ski Council has been offered Ski Council Appreciation Days from Killington Resort which includes discounted days at Killington and Pico Mountains.   

Please click here to go learn more about the Ski Council Appreciation Days.

<!–Several preliminary Awareness Days at Mount Snow have been deleted with this "Version D" update!

Awareness Days – 2019-2020 (Preliminary H) posted 7 Dec2019  – This update – Jan 25 2020 price changed to $56


can be found by clicking the link below.

Awareness Days – 2018-2019 – Final

The Awareness Days Calendar (dated 17Nov2017 – Final V3)  for the 2017-2018 is here.

Click on our Special Discount Days Page to get information on discounts by several resorts.

Awareness Days Calendar ics file – This calendar file can be downloaded and imported into your own calendar program.  This could be on your phone or desktop.  It has all of the Awareness Day locations, dates and prices.  It is an export of the Awareness Google Calendar shown below.
Awareness Days on Google Calendar (Final)

Bulk Ticket Policy 2016-2017 & 2018 (Membership Card Information Applies to Awareness Days)

RFID Cards are becoming required at more and more resorts.  At a minimum, they are currently required at: Okemo, Stowe, Sugarbush and Sunapee and each resort has their own card.

Okemo-Sunapee-Bulk Ticket & RFID Program Policy 2017-2018

Awareness Days are a big benefit of being in one of the member clubs of the CT Ski Council.  Each Season from late December to early April different resorts offer a highly discounted ticket price. There is only one “Awareness Day” per calendar day during the seasonal time period, however not every day in the period has an awareness day.  The link above presents a pdf file of awareness days and the calendar also has the schedule too.  In the early part of each season, the file will often be marked preliminary as the discounts are negotiated with resorts.  The file will be marked “Final” when that occurs.